Podcast – Deb Thomson of Kimberley College

Janine Rees

7th March 2017

I have spent the last four years researching and visiting schools that have a truly child-centred philosophy. My business, Sparkt, came into being to address the issues I saw whilst teaching that were damaging our children, parents and teachers. Most mainstream schools claim to be child-centred in their vision and mission statements but usually it’s  just lip service. Most primary schools still strictly adhere to a year level, outcomes based curriculum and test and report on children as young as four using a five point scale (for example from A to E or Well Above Expected Level to Well Below). So in effect you can receive a failing grade in English in your introductory year of school. Not great for a young child’s self esteem.

Kimberley College in Brisbane is the Utopia we should be striving towards. A forward thinking school; many of its initiatives are similar to those the Finnish schools are being applauded for. All schools should be offering the same opportunities to their students. Kimberley College truly focuses on each and every child’s wellbeing. Deb Thomson is the brains behind the school’s Day of Excellence Program which taps into the students’ and teachers’ strengths and interest areas. Have a listen to Deb speak about how their school is structured and the wonderful, supportive environment that is Kimberley College.

Contact janine@sparkt.com.au for more information on how your school can become truly child-centred.-

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