Our Vision

We believe in celebrating diversity. We believe in respectful relationships. We believe in equality.

Sparkt is working towards positive change in Australian schools. We celebrate the individual. We believe children have an innate desire to learn. We believe every child has special gifts, talents and passions.

The school years should be a time of exploring and sharing gifts and talents and nurturing and developing each child’s unique, individual needs.

Through a positive education experience, we believe each child has the opportunity to:

  • develop a deep self-love
  • discover and develop their gifts and passions
  • learn of their responsibility to others
  • share their gifts and give back to the world

Our Mission

Sparkt will help your school to be a community based on respectful relationships. We believe children and their families need to be supported by caring, nurturing, respectful role models.

We create and deliver workshops and in-service education for students, parents/caregivers, educators and coaches.

We will help your school or organisation to:

  • Move towards an holistic, balanced program acknowledging the mind, body and spirit.
  • Develop a student driven curriculum; an individualized education program for each child in your school which is child led and developmentally appropriate.
  • Deliver a purpose driven, experience based curriculum which fully engages children and draws on and develops their innate, intrinsic motivation to learn.
  • Work from a shared leadership philosophy to develop a just and equal environment so that all may prosper and thrive; students, parents/caregivers and educators.
  • Work from a strengths based model of education; promoting positivity, gratitude and appreciation for our world.
  • Intertwine play, imagination, creativity, collaboration, questioning and thinking for oneself.
  • Move from discipline to nurturing and scaffolding respectful relationships amongst all.
  • Support students in the discovery and development of their unique gifts and passions.


About me:

I am a primary teacher with 15 years experience and reside in Brisbane with my three beautiful children aged between 16 and 10. My passion for systemic change in the education system began initially with my own children attending primary school. In 2013 I was invited to become a member of our School Board and one of our tasks was designing a master plan. I was inspired by the thought of creating a school that worked for everyone.

Since that time I have visited numerous schools around the country that I believe are providing an holistic education in order to research best practice.  I returned to teaching in 2013 in a part time capacity, working in Learning Support with small groups of children. This experience changed my beliefs about how best to support children with their learning journeys.

My passion for strengths based education was sparked and Sparkt grew into my work.

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